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Your new home is engineered to amaze.


73 Mayfly Drive

Silverthorne, CO


A Passion Project to Bring you a Home with a Legacy

We’ve put together a team of award winning experts to collaborate on this passion project… and it’s being built for you! Seriously, it’s for sale. Contact us now!

The Passion

This home Is being raised a bit different than others. It’s no pre-purchased mold, and its not being built by any developer; it’s being built by two families, an award winning architect, and an award winning construction company. This whole thing started after the two families designed and built their own custom homes in Summit County, CO.

The Mallorys hired the Scanlans — owner’s of Raptor Construction — to build a build their home in the mountains. Through the comprehensive design process with award winning architect Todd Webber and the Scanlans, they frankly fell in-love with the process.

The Scanlans bring a long history of designing custom homes to the table and, after building their own next to the Mallory’s, were thrilled at the idea of taking on such a concept project.

During some neighborly fun the concept came up, “let’s build a custom home… something that sets a new precedent for Summit County.”

The Project

It’s unquestionable, this project is being driven by the view. There is no lot in the Rockies that has this view, it is simply unparalleled; if you don’t believe it, you need to come see for yourself.

Beyond the view, however, this concept initiated with the goal of setting a new precedent in modern homes. Todd Webber, the Scanlans, and the Mallorys have taken flavors from the modern homes of Lake Tahoe, their own custom homes, and applied it in an environment with a 180-degree view of the Colorado Rockies. This home is meant to look modern, sleek, sexy, but hosts the warm, welcoming feel of traditional homes.

This home will set the new precedent for Summit County in modern, mountain homes.

The Legacy

This home is carefully crafted with the intent hosting your family for generations. The concrete and steel are built to weather time and the massive windows and porch space are designed to help immerse you in the incredible natural environment. 6+ bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and a serious amount of living space to host your family, your friends, and welcome them to the incredible environment it lives in

Seriously, You need to see this!

MLS# S1013688

7,356 square foot living area

Nearly 1 acre lot

6 Bedrooms + office / study

8 Baths

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